Blessed feat. Kendrick Lamar

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Haha babyboy.

wass bussing it 

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Buried Alive In Truth

I’m buried alive in truth and
Deep beneath in my roots
You will find a young man
Who is determine to succeed
But A man who
won’t fed of any negatively
Contrary to others believes
Who hate me for being me
And wish bad upon me
I will never do the same
Because life is to short
To be stuck in someone’s else

Because we all have our own
Truth be told in order to make
It you have focus on your own
Because Misery loves company
And future does not wait
so those who holding they breath
Say what you got to say because
when flowers do not grow
And when time reminds still
Only thing you can do is reflect
On the end.

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when your teacher asks u why ur late to class


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